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Instead, Western Europe was resounding with moans from Russia, betokening new persecutions and even more atrocious schemes of The sufferings of the Russian Jews suggested the thought that it was the duty of the influential Jews of the West to intercede on behalf of their persecuted brethren before the emperor of Russia. The choice fell on the famous Jewish philanthropist in London, Sir Moses Montefiore, who stood in close relations to the court of Queen Victoria. Having established his fame by championing the Jewish cause in Turkey during the ritual murder trial of Damascus in 1840, Montefiore resolved to make a similar attempt in the land of the Tzar. 1846 he set out for Russia, ostensibly in the capacity of a traveler desirous of familiarizing himself with the condition of his Montefiore, who was the bearer of a personal recommendation from Queen Victoria to the Russian emperor, was received Petersburg with great honors. During an audience granted to Montefiore in March, 1846, the Tzar expressed his willingness to receive from him, through the medium of the "Jewish Committee," suggestions bearing on the condition of the Russian Jews, based on the information to be gathered by him on his travels.

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Rabinovich's work was continued by a talented youth, the journalist Ilya (Elias) Orshanski of Yekaterinoslav (1846-1875), who was the main contributor to the _Dyen_ of Odessa and to the _Yevreyskaya [1] To fight for Jewish rights, not to offer humble apologies, to demand emancipation, not to beg for it, this attitude lends a charm of its own to Orshanski's writings. His brilliant analysis of "Russian Legislation concerning the Jews" [2] offers a complete anatomy of Jewish disfranchisement in Russia, beginning with Catherine and ending with Alexander II. [Footnote 1: Compare above, p. [Footnote 2: The title of his work on the same subject which appeared in Nevertheless, being a child of his age, he preached its formula. passionate Jew at heart, he championed the cause of Russification, though not in the extreme form of spiritual self-effacement. pogrom of 1871 staggered his impressionable soul. He was tossing about restlessly, seeking an outlet for his resentment, but everywhere he knocked his head against the barriers of censorship and police. been granted longer life, he might, like Smolenskin, have chosen the

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play a practical joke on them. At the representations of the police commissioner-in-chief, the governor-general of Moscow had ordered to stop the expulsions until the great colds had passed, but . was not published until the expulsion had been carried out. some 20,000 Jews who had lived in Moscow fifteen, twenty-five, and even forty years were forcibly removed to the Jewish Pale of Settlement. [Footnote 1: Under the Russian law (compare Vol. burghers are subject to corporal punishment, whereas the higher estates, among them the merchants, enjoy immunity in this All these horrors, which remind one of the expulsion from Spain in 1492, were passed over in complete silence by the Russian public press. cringing and reactionary papers would not, and the liberal papers could not, report the exploits of the Russian Government in their war against The liberal press was ordered by the Russian censor to refrain altogether from touching on the Jewish question. The only Russian-Jewish press organ which, defying the threats of the censor, had dared to fight against official Russian Judaeophobia, the _Voskhod_, had been suppressed already in March, before the promulgation of the Moscow

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imposed upon the Jews Komentarze (0)
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imposed upon the Jews a distinct form of garment and a "yellow badge" to keep them apart from the Christians. employed forcible means to make the Jews by their style of dress appear similar to the The violence resorted to in both cases, though different in form, sprang from the same motive. NEW CONSCRIPTION HORRORS There was yet one domain in which the squeezing and pressing power of Tzardom could fully employ its destructive energy. We refer to military This genuine creation of the imperial brain became more and more intolerable, serving in Jewish life as a penal and correctional agency, with its "capture" of old and young, its inquisitorial rйgime of cantonists, its deportation for a quarter of a century and longer into Even the Russian peasants were stricken with terror at the thought of Nicholas' conscription, which in the reminiscences of the portrayers of that period is pictured as life-long deportation, and they frequently shirked military duty by fleeing from the land-owners and hiding themselves in the woods. How much more terrible must then

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uring the following years Komentarze (0)
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During the following years the colonization of the Holy Land with Russian Jews proceeded again at a slow pace. One colony after another rose gradually into A large part of the old and the new settlers were under the charge of Baron Rothschild's administration, with the exception of two or three colonies which were maintained by the Palestine Society in It was evident that, in view of the slow advance of the Palestinian colonization, its political and economic importance for the Russian-Jewish millions was practically nil and that its only advantage over and against the American emigration day in its spiritual significance, in the fact that on the historic soil of Judaism there there rose into being a small Jewish center with a purer national culture than was possible in the Diaspora. This idea was championed by Ahad Ha'am[1], the exponent of the neo-Palestine movement, who had made his first appearance in Hebrew literature in 1889 and in a short time forged his way to the front. [Footnote 1: "One of the People," the Hebrew pen-name of Asher CONTINUED HUMILIATIONS AND DEATH OF ALEXANDER III.

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